Riding Shorts as seen on TV's National Geographic Explorer and the Today Show with Boyd Matson!

Padded  Riding Shorts for Him
Padded Riding Shorts for Him
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Padded  Riding Shorts for Him
"The Original Cowboy Underwear"! Great choice for the Western rider. Boyd Matson says he wouldn't ride without em! These Nylon/Lycra shorts were Saddle Bums' original product. Designed to protect the "founder's Bum" they have been thoroughly tested and proved to work to eliminate chafing and saddle sores. Its unique and frankly high tech padded seat wicks moisture (the culprit) away from the skin to leave you dry and comfortable for hours in the saddle. And for you men, you won't find a better athletic supporter! So trail riders, cowboys, bronc and bull riders come and get em!

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Men's Shorts Double Seat Pad
Our Custom Double Seat Pad adds double the thickness in the rear area of our seat pad to increase cushioning to extra sensitive areas and does cover the tail bone area as well.
Triple Seat Pad
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