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Hi Stan,

Just wanted to send a note and say thanks for an outstanding product! I've been riding in distance competitions for over 15 years and have tried just about every tight on the market....yours are the best! They fit wonderfully, are almost indestructable, and really provide support to tired leg muscles on the longer rides. Plus your pricing and customer service are top flight!


Mollie Krumlaw



I LOVE my Saddle Bums. My legs used to have embarassing raspberries inside my knee area...Saddle Bums have solved that problem, and I find I have much better grip. My next pair will have the Sticky Buns too. I broke my hip in a horse wreck last Sept, got back riding in Dec. and only feel really secure in my seat / legs...due to your gear! Thanks!!!

Jeanne O'Reilly


Product and Service evaluation to Yahoo. Rating: Excellent


Love their service, they answered my email question promptly, offered good advice, and I got the product in time for my ride this weekend (and they were great!)

Dayle Hosek


Hi Stan, Thanks for your answer! I am a saddle Bums tights "LOVER", since I started to use them at Valerie Kanavy's ranch in an endurance race. Here, in Brazil Saddle Bums are really beginning to be discovered from the riders.


Andre Ciampaglia

Dear Stan,

Good things are worth waiting for. The Saddle Bums worked exceedingly well. I've tried them in the arena, on the trail and long car drives. The pants cover the radiation burns and scar tissue as we hoped. May your company flourish!

Best Wishes, Corrine Brickell
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