How They're Made.... You can be Proud you're in Saddle Bums!

Every component is die cut by hand and assembled right here at Saddle Bums. This assures consistency in style, fit, and comfort from one pair to the next, one leg to the other, whether for men, women or children.

Every component is inspected before assembly, during assembly and at final inspection. We do not make seconds, period. Each step is a final inspection station; any flaw is cause for rejection.

Each waist and ankle band is sewn with a set number of stitches for maximum strength and comfort; mill ends are never used. The rubber "nubbies" that can produce that subtle little jab are trimmed, and the stitching then re-inspected.

The hand cut shell components are sewn together with the smallest of seams (for comfort) using a high stitch per inch count (for maximum strength and durability). The size of these seams does require slower, more accurate sewing. There is little margin for error as there is with the wide seams seen on garments made in high volume production shops. Look at your jeans for example. By the way, these seams all face the same direction. No twisted seams cutting into you.

Our patented pad materials are hand cut, tapered, reinforced, and installed with precision positioning using our now famous double interlocking stitch. This stitch takes several times longer than a common zig zag stitch to sew but is virtually indestructible in comparison. This also stops the edges from curling over which would actually aggravate any discomfort you're trying to avoid.

The Clarino patches (or full seat) are positioned and installed, again using our double interlocking stitch. These edges can't curl and the inevitable broken or worn out thread doesn't mean the whole piece is going to come unraveled.

On the "full seat", special care is taken to see that the front and the back of both sides meet in a perfect arch. This not only makes a stronger garment, it is elegant looking, coming and going. The somewhat bulky inside seam on the full seat is then laid over and sewn flat to increase your comfort. A small pad is then added for your assured comfort on tights designed for a no panty line look.

The waist and ankle or leg bands (sized for maximum comfort) are sewn in place then cover stitched so the bands won't roll up, will remain comfortable and will even last longer.

All this takes longer and costs us a bit more but we think you're worth it. Since your Saddle Bums are going to be with you for a long time they need to speak well of you, and of us.

Turn a pair of Saddle Bums inside out and enjoy the workmanship. You'll see why we have been told, "these belong in a museum". We disagree, these belong on you and you belong on your horse. There are actually Saddle Bums in a museum however! Well, actually the Millville Historical Society.

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